League Tables

Get All Tables for a League Season

This endpoint returns all of the League Tables applicable to a league season. Endpoint will return multiple tables if they exist in a league.
Query Parameters
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Whether the cake should be gluten-free or not.
200: OK
Cake successfully retrieved.
success: true,
data: {
all_matches_table_overall: [],
all_matches_table_home: [ ],
all_matches_table_away: [ ],
specific_tables: [
round: "1st Qualifying Round",
table: null,
groups: null
round: "Group Stage",
table: null,
groups: [
name: "Group A",
table: [
id: "76",
seasonGoals_home: 5,
seasonGoals_away: 5,
seasonConceded_away: 2,
seasonConceded_home: 4,
seasonGoals: 10,
points: 11,
seasonConceded: 6,
seasonGoalDifference: 4,
seasonWins_home: 1,
seasonWins_away: 2,
seasonWins_overall: 3,
seasonDraws_home: 1,
seasonDraws_away: 1,
seasonDraws_overall: 2,
seasonLosses_away: 0,
seasonLosses_overall: 1,
seasonLosses_home: 1,
matchesPlayed: 6,
name: "Villarreal CF",
country: null,
cleanName: "Villarreal",
shortHand: "villarreal-cf",
url: "/clubs/spain/villarreal-cf",
seasonURL_overall: "/clubs/spain/villarreal-cf",
seasonURL_home: "/clubs/spain/villarreal-cf",
seasonURL_away: "/clubs/spain/villarreal-cf",
position: 1,
zone: [ ],
corrections: 0,
wdl_record: "wddwwl"

You can test this API call by using the key "example" and loading the league tables from the English Premier League 2018/2019 season (ID: 1625).




If the league only has a single round with no play-off matches (ie Premier League), the League Table is stored here.

Returns NULL if the league is a Cup format.


Full table across all matches played during the season. For example, if this is a cup competition, then we will generate a table with all teams across all the matches that they've played. This is not necessarily the league table.

all_matches_table_home / all_matches_table_away

Full table only taking into account either Home matches or Away matches.


Array. Contains tables for each round of a season. Many leagues in the world have multiple rounds with league tables during 1 season.

ie Uruguay Primera Division

Apertura - Table

Intermediate Round - Group Tables

Clausura - Table

Final Play-Offs - NULL (no table)

ie Championship Regular Season - Table

Play-Offs - NULL (no table)

ie UEFA Champions League

Qualification Matches - NULL (no table)

Group Round - Table for each group

8th Finals - NULL (no table)

Quarter Finals - NULL (no table)